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Girls High School Spring Standings

League Standings Points are determined as follows:

 Win  4 league points
 Draw  2 league points
 Loss  0 league points
 Score 4+ Tries  +1 league point
 Loss by 7 or less  +1 league point
 Spirit of the Game  -1 league point if contrary to the spirit of the game


If players, coaches, or spectators act contrary to the spirit of the game, one standings point may be deducted. This includes coaches acting contrary to the Coaches Code of Conduct, playing matches while not compliant with USA Rugby or Rugby Illinois eligibility policies, arguing with or otherwise not respecting referees, etc.

If teams in one division or conference play a different number of games, the points at the end of the season will be normalized in determining playoff eligibility and seeding.  Seeding and tiebreaker rules are available in the Coaches and Parents Handbook.