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Add & Renew Memberships

Register New or Existing Club

At Rugby Illinois, we strive to maintain correct and up-to-date contact information for our current membership while helping people to form new rugby clubs. For more information about starting a new clubs, see How to Start a Team. To renew your club membership, update your club contact information, or register as a new club, please fill in and submit the online form below:

Register New or Existing Club

Please note, you must have JavaScript and cookies enabled for the form to load and work properly. If you’re having issues with the live form, try a different browser type, such as Chrome or IE. If you’re still having issues using the form please email us.

Register New or Existing Players, Coaches, and Administrators

All players, coaches, and administrators for member clubs must register with Rugby Illinois and USA Rugby.  Use the appropriate link below to register.

The registration period is from September 1 to August 31, encompassing the Fall. Spring, and Summer seasons.

Player Registration Fees

Player Type Annual Fee
High School Player (grades 9-12, contact) $45
Middle School Player (grades 5-8, contact) $35
Rookie Rugby (all ages, non-contact) $5
School-Sponsored HS (spring season) n/a

Note that players registering for a Varsity Initiative (school-sponsored) high school team in the spring championship season will not be charged a registration fee. However, players for Varsity Initiative teams that wish to play in the fall season or in the summer on a sevens or select-side team will be charged the normal high school fee.

Coach, Referee, & Admin Registration

If you have already registered with USA Rugby, you still must register (at no extra cost) with Rugby Illinois at the link above.

If you have not yet registered with USA Rugby, a link will be provided at the end of the Rugby Illinois registration process.

Adult volunteers in any of the following roles must register with both Rugby Illinois (once) and USA Rugby (annually):

  1. Coaches
  2. Referees
  3. Club Administrator

Start at the link above, and at the end of the process, you will be given a link to the USA Rugby registration to use if you have not yet registered with USA Rugby.  USA Rugby will charge standard fees. Rugby Illinois registration has no extra fees.

Registration Lookup (login required)

Registered coaches and admins can check the list of registered players, coaches, and admins.