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High School Summer 7s

By Rob Copland, 06/08/17, 10:45AM CDT


Where to play and how to Qualify

With 15s ending soon, Summer 7s is upon us!!  There will be many tourneys to choose from in addition to the state qualifiers and state tourney.  Here is the information for the State Championship qualifying process:

Middle School and Girls teams will not have to participate in qualifiers to be eligible for the State Championship.  An effort should be made for tourney organizers to include both middle school and girls in their respective tournaments.  

For the HS Boys, the State Qualifier is as follows:  
Teams must participate in one of two state qualifiers:   Elgin 06/24 or Great Lakes 07/09.  Teams will be ranked 1-8 in each tournament based on point accrual.  Teams do not have to participate in both tournaments, however if they do, those teams will keep the higher point total of either tournament.  A final determination of the top 8 teams advancing to the State Championship Tourney will based on the best single day tournament total for each team of the two qualifiers.  Points will not be cumulative of the two tourneys.   Teams will be given 4/ points win, tie/ 2 points, Loss/ 0 points.  Bonus points:  4+tries/ 1point, loss by less than 7/ 1 point.  Forfeit losses/ 5 points.  Tiebreakers will be based on point differential.  

The RI Coach’s Handbook rules will be enforced over the summer tourneys including player eligibility, boundaries and borders.  That means that players MUST PLAY FOR THEIR HOME CLUBS UNLESS THEIR HOME CLUB IS NOT PARTICIPATING IN SUMMER 7S.  Those players whose clubs are not participating in 7s will be allowed to play for the closest team of their choice.  Waivers will be granted in the same fashion as they were in 15s.  Motley sides may be formed via teams combining or players combining as long their home clubs have no 7s programs.  All motely teams must be Cipped.  

Players red carded in any tournament will have to sit out the remainder of that tournament only.  Two yellow cards will equal a red card.  

So, here are some tourneys for the year:
06/10-Mid Summer 7s Palatine
06/17 Highland Games-Itasca/ Madtown 7s-Cottage Grove, WI
06/24 Elgin Qualifier,  **estimated cost $50/team-maybe less
07/01-Lakefront 7s
07/09-Great Lakes 7s-Lemont Teams competing here may have their state championship entry fee waived.  **Estimated cost $150/ team
07/15-State Championships


Rob Copland 
7s Coordinator