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Girls High School Camp

By Stephanie Esposito, 04/27/17, 8:00PM CDT


What was learned from an Eagles view

In the beginning of the month, Taft High School hosted a Girls High School & Youth Clinic with Susan Whitwell, Head Coach of the USA Rugby Women's Collegiate All American Team. It was a perfect early spring day and everyone was upbeat and excited to learn some new skills. The great weather combined with motivating coaches kept things moving so that the girls were constantly practicing skills or learning about the next skill.

Amy McCormick, Taft Rugby Coach says  "It was also very welcoming to the new players, especially the middle schoolers.  About half of the attendees have played in previous seasons and knew each other while half were new players this season but everyone made an effort to meet players from other clubs."

More than 60 girls attended came out with about 50 being High School players and the rest local middle school players. The different groups worked together to help raise each other's knowledge and reinforce the skills being taught.

The skill most focused on, tackling technique was. You cannot gain possession and stop the other team with out it. The girls also worked on limiting the ball carrier's options. Many of the girls felt that they learned more about what to do in support from where they should be to what they need to communicate with their fellow players.  


Whitwell emphasized to the girls that everything they worked on at camp could be brought back to their own clubs, skills and concepts, and help strengthen their entire team. Susan Whitwell enjoyed working with the players who showed their enthusiasm and how much fun they are clearly having playing together, and love for the game of rugby.  


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