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Handbook for Coaches, Parents, and Players

The Rugby Illinois Coaches and Parents Handbook was developed to provide the most up to date information on the rules and regulations that govern youth rugby in Illinois. It is the goal of the Rugby Illinois that players, coaches, referees, administrators, and parents will use this handbook as a resource to foster the continued development of children as players and as members of their communities.

This information contained in this document was created by the Executive Committee in accordance with the authorities defined in the Bylaws of Rugby Illinois. This information document does not replace or supersede the Rugby Illinois Bylaws.

Division Coordinators may publish division-specific guidelines to better serve their membership within the boundaries outlined in this overall document.  

Summary of Contents

  • USA Rugby Policies and Statements 
  • Rugby Illinois Policies and Statements   
  • Coaches’ Protocols  (pre-season, pre-match, post-match)
  • Divisions and Conferences 
  • Player Eligibility Rules
  • Boundaries and Recruiting 
  • High School Promotion and Relegation Policies
  • High School Rules Variations
  • Middle School Rules Variations
  • Playoff Rules
  • Standings Rules
  • Referee Assignments 
  • Disciplinary Processes
  • Concussion Protocol
  • Lightning Protocol


This document was originally authored in September 2012 by the Illinois Youth Rugby Executive Committee. The document was opened to representatives from member clubs for review and commentary in March 2013.  A thorough review and update was made by the Competition Committee at the request of the Executive Committee in the fall of 2014, resulting in further revisions effective with the Spring 2015 season. Additional revisions have been made annually and published here on the website.