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Boys High School

Boys high school rugby began in Illinois in 1998 and continues to flourish! With clubs being added all the time, it’s always an exciting season.

Here you will find a list of High School Division 1, Division 2, and Division 3 boys rugby clubs where you can get contact details and directions to fields, and much more.  Each division, conference, and club page includes information about the schedules, results, and more.

If you are not listed or need your information updated, please fill out your club registration form.

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Map of Boys High School Rugby Clubs

Use the interactive map below to find a local club. The placeholders indicate the match pitch usually used by the club. Clubs without a home pitch are marked in the center of the city where they are based. You can filter by division or highlight a single club's location using the options icon on the left. You can open full screen using the icon on the right.